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We are pretty passionate about Christianity over here.  We discuss a wide range of topics from  early church history, to contemporary church culture, theology, prayer, leadership.  We’ll even sneak a favorite recipe in now and then.

Like our name suggests, we don’t want to scratch your ears!  Instead, we want to challenge you to think harder about what it is you believe and practice, hoping that you and the church at large might be strengthened in the process.  We are not afraid to discuss controversial topics, so you will find lots of things to agree and disagree about.  Join the discussion and share your thoughts!

As a life long musician and 20 year veteran worship leader, I am also extremely interested in contemporary worship trends.  So we also talk about worship and worship leading.

Not For Itching Ears is basically a counter-culture church concept.  So feel free to jump into any discussion.  A good place to start might be by clicking on one of the pictures on the right side bar or at the bottom of the page. They link to some of our most popular articles.   You can also look through our Archives page.  For the most current articles, simply click on our Blog page.

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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Not For Itching Ears

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