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Over the past few years, thousands of people have read and commented on our post “Does God Care How We Worship?”  As a follow-up to that post, we created several online polls asking questions about church life.  We hope you will take the time to vote.  We will use the results in upcoming posts about the church.  About the polls:   Feel free to comment, or to add an element that is not on the poll.  Following Him together,     Jim       

  1. We need music that moves the church to glorify God in worship and move out in mission


  2. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for sharing! I could not agree with you more.


  3. Your first poll didn’t have the one thing that I would miss most in our corporate worship if it was gone, and that is the order of confession and the reading of the Apostle’s Creed. I selected Reading of scripture because it is the most important to me of the choices you gave. Peace, Linda


  4. Since the question was asking about “corporate” worship, I chose fellowship, because (with the exception of the sermon) you can do everything else in quiet times with the Lord, but the idea of communal worship brings up the important element of fellowship not only between man and God, but man and man…in the presence of God.


  5. The singing doesn’t bother me. Not coming to the fellowship with the idea that we are there to worship God (and not get my needs met) bothers me. Here is where our Eastern brothers (and Rome) get it right.

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  6. Just cannot do without Communion. Well, I may not partake of Communion every single week necessarily. But the liturgy exists primarily for the facility of Communion. Not for the prayer as such. We can pray anywhere and always. I often have the Jesus Prayer in me and may one day be able to fulfill the advice of St Paul to “pray ceaselessly”. But Communion cannot be done outside the Church. This is the Orthodox way.


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