The following prayers are drawn from the largely forgotten deposit of the Puritan Movement of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  They testify to the richness and color of evangelical thought and language, as well as their devotion to the Savior.  They can be found in a book titled “The Valley of Vision”, by Arthur Bennet.  I have included them in this blog so that others can use them in their own prayer life as a springboard to a more faithful walk with Jesus.   These prayers are 200-400 years old!  They were written in old English. but that should not get in the way if you don’t let it. 

Following Him together…

A 300 Year Old Prayer:  “Help Me Follow The Savior”

Pray This 400 Year Old Prayer: “Lord, Help Me Live a Life that Honors You!”

A Prayer for The New Year: “Guide Me This Year, Lord”

A 300 year Old Prayer: “All I Want Is To Know and Serve You, Lord”

The Precious Blood

Sunday Morning Prayer:  I Need You Jesus

A Christmas Prayer: Thank You for The Gift of All Gifts

Help Me Follow You

  1. Angela Williams

    Please pray that God remove Victoria out of Derrick’s life. Pray that he walks away from sin and return to God in forgiveness and commitment to God’s word. Pray that Derrick
    return home to Angela. For what God joins together in Holy Matrimony, let no one separate.


  2. Pray for Carolyn’s Salvation, Pray that God would destroy every demonic influence as well as stronghold that Satan has over Carolyn’s life. Pray also that God would send me the right person to help me to be successful as a Christian musician and to have a steady income as well. Thank you! Wayne


  3. Please pray for my dad, Keith’s salvation.

    He’s hated God for my entire life of 21 years.
    My mom and brother and I have trouble praying for him, because it makes us very sad to think about it for too long.

    Please help us.

    Thank you in Christ 🙂


  4. Please pray that God watches over the Clark Family… Guide us to stay on the right path, Protect us, and Bless us indeed!!! Please Lord give us “Favor”! Please Lord give us a light at the end of all the darkness…


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