Cross-Centered Christmas Worship Song: “Glory Be to God”

As one who has been responsible for leading corporate singing for years, I can attest to how frustrating it has become to find songs that are worth singing! There are many out there, but it takes time to find them. Because of this, we have started a new feature at Not For Itching Ears. Each week, we will post one worthy (at least in our opinion) worship song for you to listen to. We will post the lyrics as well as the Mp3 along with a chord chart when possible. This weeks selection is a cross-centered Christmas song called “Glory Be To God.” It is an exuberant and lyrically rich celebration of the Incarnation miracle.  Listen to it below.   After listening to it, please rate it by taking our quick poll.  You will find the poll at the bottom of this post.

Glory Be To God 

Glory be to God on high
Let peace on earth descend
God comes down before our eyes
To Bethlehem

 God invisible appears
Endless ages wrapped in years
He has come who cannot change
And Jesus is His name
Emptied of His majesty
He comes in human form
Being’s source begins to be
And God is born

All our griefs He’ll gladly share
All our sins He’ll fully bear
He will cover our disgrace
And suffer in our place

Let the joyful news ring out
The Prince of Peace proclaim
Lift your heart and voice to shout
Immanuel’s name
God has kept His promises
What a work of grace this is
Son of Mary, chosen One
The Lamb of God has come
Hosanna, hosanna
The Lamb of God has come
Hosanna, hosanna
He is the promised One

Glory be to God on high
Let peace on earth descend
God comes down before our eyes
To Bethlehem
© 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI).
Words and music by Bob Kaulflin

Get the FREE  authentic chord chart Here:

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  1. heavenly princesa

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful song! I truly loved it!!


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