A 300 Year Old Christian Prayer: “Lord, Help Me Follow You”

The following  prayer was first offered back in the   1700′s.  It is from the largely forgotten deposit of the Puritan Movement of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  These people knew God and they certainly knew how to pray.  We can learn a lot from them. They are written in old english.  I have updated  a few outdated words and changed the Thee’s and Thou’s to make it more 2011.  However, they still have the feel of that era.   This prayer, titled ‘The Throne’,  along with many others, can be found in a book titled “The Valley of Vision”, by Arthur Bennett.  At the end of the prayer, I have also included a song called “Before The Throne of God Above”, written by   Charitie Bancroft in 1863.  The music was written by Steve and Vikki Cook just a few years ago.  I think it goes perfectly with this prayer.

O God of My Delight,

Your throne of grace is the delight of my soul.

Here I obtain mercy in time of need,

 here I see the smile of your reconciled face,

 here joy pleads the name of Jesus,

 here I sharpen the sword of the Spirit,

 anoint the shield of faith,

put on the helmet of salvation,

gather manna from your Word,

 am strengthened for each conflict,

nerved for the upward race,

 empowered to conquer every foe;

Help me to come to Christ

 as the source of heavenly favor,

 as a wide open flood-gate of mercy.

I am stunned by my absolute foolishness,

 that with so many blessings within my reach

 I am slow to extend my hand to take them.

 Have mercy upon my deadness for your Name’s sake.

Awaken me, stir me, fill me with holy zeal.

Strengthen me that I may cling to you and not let you go.

May your Spirit within me draw all blessings from your hand.

When I am not advancing, I backslide.

Let me walk humbly because of good omitted and evil done.

Impress on my mind the shortness of time,

the work to be engaged in,

 the account to be rendered,

 the nearness of eternity,

 the fearful sin of despising your Spirit.

May I never forget that your eye always sees,

your ear always hears,

your recording hand always writes.

May I never give you rest until Christ is the pulse of my heart;

the spokesman of my lips, the lamp of my feet.


“Before The Throne of God Above” 

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