Cross-Centered Worship Songs: “You Are the Way”

This column, “Cross-Centered Worship Songs”, was started as a way to serve the church at large.  I wanted  to introduce  some of the lesser known songs out there so that the corporate singing of the church might be enriched.    I have been posting songs from different genres:  hymns, a capella, contemporary rock, etc.   I try to post a chord chart when possible. I hope you find it helpful.  If you do, please let us know!  Today’s song is called “You Are the Way” written by Pat Sczebel.  It is a simple, easy to sing, gospel proclamation.

You Are The Way

Dead in transgressions and sins
Without God, without hope in this world
Then the glorious light
Of Your gospel broke in
The Father stood up from His throne
Opened His arms as He called out my name
Grace irresistible drew me
Opened my eyes to see

You are the way
You are the truth
You are the life, Jesus
The only way
The only truth
You are my life, Jesus

You are the source of new life
The giver of every good thing
Withholding nothing
You lavish Your kindness on me
You emptied Yourself, became poor
Humbled and poured out to death
Now highly exalted above all
Your name alone can save

Here is the link to the official chord chart:  You_Are_the_Way-chord

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