Looking for Cross-Centered Christmas Song ideas for Worship? Check this out

Break out the peppermint lattes and your Bing Crosby CD’s.  It is that time of year again:  Christmas!  As a worship leader, you know what I am talking about.  While everyone else was busy getting ready for Halloween (or whatever you call it) you were thinking about worship music for the upcoming Christmas season.  Or at least you should have been.  Waiting till Thanksgiving to start planning, is a little too late!

As one who has been responsible for leading corporate singing for years, I can attest to how hard it can be to plan for Christmas worship. Four weeks of December singing!   At Christmas time, I always want to have a song that wraps the message of the Cross around the Christmas message.  I like to have one new song that people aren’t familiar with so they have to think about the words as they sing.  I think this is helpful for believers as well as all those people who only come on Christmas and Easter.    Here’s a song that I have liked.  It is called “The Son of God Came Down.”   It is a slow, meditative song that mixes the Christmas story with Easter.    Listen to it below.   You will find it and many other “Christmas songs” on the album Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man

Words and music by Doug Plank
As recorded on Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man

The Son of God came down and laid aside His crown
Born without great renown, this Sovereign One
All holiness and might, all glory shining bright
Have come to earth this night in Mary’s son
O come, let us adore

O Christ the Lord, our hope and Savior
Son of God yet made like us
O Christ the Lord, our King adored
Born a child, our Lord Jesus

Messiah born so small, asleep in cattle stall
Come to redeem our fall, nailed to a tree
This tiny, helpless child through death would reconcile
The holy God and vile, His grace so free
O come, let us adore

© 2004 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP).

Follow this link for the official free Guitar Chart:  The Son of God Came Down Chord Chart

Follow this link for the official free LEAD CHART:  The Son of God Came Down Lead Chart

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  1. Thanks SOOO much, Jim, for sending us a breath of fresh air!!

    I’ve been a worship leader for a small-ish church for some twenty years, and it’s so marvelous to find new music that’s accessible – let alone for Christmas!!!

    God bless you!

    Bothell, Washington


  2. carlcaseyingramfenn

    Great song. Know of any other Cross-centered Christmas songs? I’m working on a Christmas musical/drama for our congregation and I was hoping to incorporate some.


  3. Hi the song its so beautiful. However I see the image of the Christmas balls and the cross… it’s yours too? Or you find it somewhere?
    Can I use the picture in an event of my church in Colombia?


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