Which Modern Church is Most Like The Early Church?

Question mark peopleWe don’t often re-blog things over here at Not For Itching ears. Today, we ran across an excellent article about how to identify those modern churches that most closely resemble the early church. It’s a great article that we wanted to share. If you care about the church, we think this thought provoking and detailed analysis by our friends over at Finite Reflections of Infinity will be well worth your time! Which modern church most accurately resembles the early church? Read on and find the answer.

Finite Reflections of Infinity

Will the real Church please stand up?  Go to a phone directory of any moderately sized settlement and see if the listings for “churches” don’t rapidly get bewildering.  Indeed, such an exercise is often an education into varieties of Christianity we didn’t know existed!  How should those who worship Christ sort through this denominational chaos?

One method frequently suggested by Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Disciples of Christ (along with a few Baptists, on occasion) is to look at the evidence for early Christianity and see which contemporary denomination is most similar to the churches of the apostles and their successors.  This is the argument from similarity.  I recently read a blog post making this argument against Protestants of all stripes, and a commentator here pressed me to consider the same line of reasoning.  It was not the first time.  I have heard this argument made in favor of multiple different branches of contemporary Christianity.  I…

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  1. This is a great article Jim, and I think it lends a lot of fuel to writers like Scot McKnight, who insist it is very wrong to think God is limited in the capacity by which His Church will function throughout the ages. I love your repost author’s conclusion that “no” church today looks like the New Testament churches of yesterday… we can even make that argument for today versus a generation ago. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Phenomenal. I’m going to go reblog it, too. So well said.


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