Are Your Facebook Posts becoming TOO political? I can help……


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  1. Trouble is, since I’m always right and many of my friends, including Christian friends are not, I feel the obligation to set them straight when they post odd political views on Facebook.
    Also, you have to ask yourself if reading someone’s political view is more or less interesting than what they fed their cat this morning.

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  2. Also, most of who have started a blog will get one reader per month, if we’re lucky. Facebook, especially Facebook groups, let you smear your odd…..I mean share your wonderful ideas with thousands daily.

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    • Unfortunately, I have had to edit certain friends from my feed on Facebook. They are so crazy with anger that the election didn’t go their way that they have become hard to handle. It is just easier to not see them in my feed.


  3. Last week’s sermon at our church was on the sanctity of life ( and abortion ). It goes without saying that many conservative Christians would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, may have voted for Donald Trump on that issue and that issue alone, and have given little thought to what things were like before Roe v. Wade or what they might be like for many unplanned children who were born because it was overturned. I told my Facebook friends I’d be willing to pay higher taxes to subsidize adoptions and child care for mothers deciding not to abort — regardless of which way the laws go.
    You can unfriend me now.

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    • I think abortion will never be illegal. It is getting more rare because of technology. Younger women KNOW what happens in an abortion and MANY of them are saying “I will never do that!” However, that should not be interpreted to mean that they want it to be illegal for another woman who might feel differently. Give it 20 years and it will be rare, rare, rare!


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