Overcoming Temptation: Just Say No!

Listen Here:
Pastor Jim Greer

  1. heavenly princesa

    This was a powerful message. Thank you!
    It is very hard to say No to certain temptations such as shopping but I am so much better now than many years ago and thanks to God… because…
    “We can do all things through Him who strenghtens us” Amen


  2. Very relevant message! We talk about obesity, abortion, homosexuality, adultery, incest, gambling, lying, drinking, greed, politics…and world-wide degeneration. But we NEVER talk about how we are ‘tempted AFTER we are drawn by our own lust and enticed.’ We never talk about how ‘with every temptation I will make a way of escape.’ We NEVER talk about our own SIN. We are consumed with ‘churchianity’ over ‘Christianity.’ When God said ‘sin not’….He meant it. But our tradition teaches…’go ahead…you can’t help it.’ We joyfully yield our bodies and minds to the DESTROYER. We have a perfected form of Godliness….which SCREAMS redemption through the Cross….but does not believe in Resurrection living. I am the worst of the worst….but God is convicting my heart of sin.


  3. I think, in firts place we should do everythink to avoid the temptations, just doing some things away from our live, don’t watch some movies, don’t visit some places… people want do be free from sins but don’t want to leave the sins, leave the temptations…


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