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Is Using Instruments in Corporate Worship A Violation of the New Testament? An Argument from 1864

“I prefer reading books written by dead men!”, an old man of God once told me.  When I asked him why, he told me that books by great men of God who are no longer with us, are not influenced by our current cultural trends.  Their understanding of God’s word is not colored by the same issues that affect us in our day.   Many of the issues we face, were not even around back then.  It is refreshing to read books by people who do not have a horse in the race, so to speak.  Over the years, I have come to appreciate that perspective and have adopted it as my own.

On a recent trip to the Goodwill, I found a very old commentary on the Book of Acts, written by J.W. McGarvey in 1863.  (I bought it at for .99 cents!)  As I read it, I began to tear up.  “Where are these men today Lord?”  I asked out loud.

I did a little research on the man who wrote the commentary.   One of the things I found was this very interesting article titled “Instrumental Music in Churches.”   He was against it and argued from the Scriptures that instruments were not to be used in the Church era. He wrote this article in 1864, at a time when most churches Read the rest of this entry