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This Worship Service is About……..YOU baby!

Regular readers of this blog should be familiar with my view of today’s “worship” “service.”  In a nutshell, I think many good-hearted and well-meaning leaders have taken the church down the wrong road.  I have written on it extensively in articles like: Whatever Happened to the Message of Christianity?,   Rethinking Contemporary Worship:  Can We “Bring Him More Than a Song?”,    George Barna:  The Seeker-Sensitive Church Model:  Dumbing Down Disciples ,   or Does God Give Us Freedom To Worship Him Anyway WE Want to? and many other posts.  Today’s post is more of a satirical and humours look at the issue of the songs we are singing in church.   What makes satire funny is that there is often a little truth in it.  That’s why I find this re-wording of the famous Carly Simon song “You’re So Vain” so funny.  There is a Read the rest of this entry