Free Prayer!

Free Prayer?

Of course prayer is free, we just thought it was a catchy title!   We all need prayer and sometimes we don’t have anyone to pray with.   Other times, we have lots of people to pray with but we want as many people praying for our situation as possible.  Whatever your situation is, we consider it a privilege and honor to pray for you.  We have a team of people who pray over every request daily.  So, let us know how we can pray for you.  You can submit your request in the comment section.  Let us know if you would like the request to be viewable by others (so that they can pray for you as well) or to be kept private. 

Our only request is that you  let us know how the Lord answers!

Following Him Together,


About Jim

Not For Itching Ears is a blog dedicated to discussing the American Evangelical church. It is a place for people to share their thoughts on a host of issues relating to this subject. Jim is available to speak at weekend services, and retreats at no cost to churches in Florida. Contact us for more information.

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