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Keith Green: Look How Much the Christian Music Business Has Changed!

Keith Green.   His music was the soundtrack of my early Christian walk.  His lyrics inspired me not only to follow Christ more faithfully, but to go into pastoral ministry.  And that was AFTER his tragic death.  Most people who have been walking with Christ 20+ years nod their heads in agreement when his name and christian music are mentioned in the same sentence.  He was such a tremendous blessing to the body.   I don’t know anyone in the CCM scene that even remotely comes close to him.

I recently came across an album of his (while slumming at The Goodwill!)  I bought the album called “So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt…”, because it reminded me of the stark difference between today’s Christian Music business that is all about profits, and not quality lyrics, and Keith Green.   I have uploaded a picture of the album cover.  You will find it at the bottom of this post.  I have also included a live video of Keith singing “Your Love Broke Through.”  Notice the words on the bottom right… Read the rest of this entry

Poll: What is the Most Important Element of Corporate Worship for you Personally?

Over the past few days, hundreds of people have read and commented on our post “Does God Care How We Worship?”  As a follow-up to that post, we have created an online poll asking the question:  “What is the Most Important Element of Corporate Worship for you Personally?”   We hope you will take the time to vote.  We will reveal the results in two weeks.  About the poll:  We understand that we are asking you to make a choice that in the real world you may not have to make.   However, for the sake of the poll, we want you to vote for the one thing you just cannot live without in a CORPORATE worship setting.  Feel free to comment, or to add an element that is not on the poll.  Following Him together,     Jim       

Free Prayer!

Free Prayer?

Of course prayer is free, we just thought it was a catchy title!   We all need prayer and sometimes we don’t have anyone to pray with.   Other times, we have lots of people to pray with but we want as many people praying for our situation as possible.  Whatever your situation is, we consider it a privilege and honor to pray for you.  We have a team of people who pray over every request daily.  So, let us know how we can pray for you.  You can submit your request in the comment section.  Let us know if you would like the request to be viewable by others (so that they can pray for you as well) or to be kept private. 

Our only request is that you  let us know how the Lord answers!

Following Him Together,


Whatever Happened to the Message of The Cross?

The sign said, “Now serving Starbucks coffee!” It was the late 90’s and the premium coffee craze was taking the country by storm. Everyone who liked coffee LOVED Starbucks or soon would. So it wasn’t surprising that some business would be utilizing the brand name to promote what they were doing. It made pretty good sense. It wouldn’t have fazed me at all if any other company was doing it. But this massive sign was hung in front of a local evangelical Christian church. The message was crystal clear: “Come to our service on Sunday, we have free Starbucks coffee!”

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