“Calling all Worship Leaders” and Top Posts of 2010

Happy New Year to all our readers!  Today we are excited to announce a new feature to the blog.  It is called “Worship Leader Makeover.” One of my passions in life is the corporate worship meeting of the church.   Whether it was as a senior pastor (10 LONG years) or a worship leader, I have been responsible for leading every aspect of the Sunday morning meeting.  I have also studied worship in the church extensively.   All that to say, I think I have earned the right to comment on the current state of “worship” and to encourage those who lead “it”.

Our “Worship Leader Makeover” will feature a regular post for worship leaders.  It will not focus on any technical issues. Rather, I will be sharing foundational things I have learned over the years.  My hope is that one by one, I can encourage other worship leaders, and that true Christ honoring worship would be restored in His church.  It won’t matter if your congregation uses instruments or not, as the things I share will have nothing to do with that.

Disclosure:  I am a full-time musician.  A guitar player (what can I say, God loves me!)  I run my own teaching studio and have traveled… all over the country performing in a country/rock band.  The highlight of this secular musical career was performing for President George W. Bush and his family. 

Look for these posts to begin in January.

Below, I have our top 6 posts from 2010.  Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

Top 6 Posts of 2010

1.  Does Your Sunday Morning Service Look Like This?

2.  Does God Care How We Worship?

3.  George Barna: The Seeker-Sensitive Church Model: Dumbing Down Disciples

4.  Poll: What is the Most Important Element of Corporate Worship for you Personally?

5.  When Did “Worship” Become the Singing of a Song?

6.  Whatever Happened to the Message of The Cross?

About Jim

Not For Itching Ears is a blog dedicated to discussing the American Evangelical church. It is a place for people to share their thoughts on a host of issues relating to this subject. Jim is available to speak at weekend services, and retreats at no cost to churches in Florida. Contact us for more information.

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  1. Looks like the topic of worship was pretty popular in 2010! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve learned…


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