Keith Green: “How Can You Be So Dead, When You’ve Been So Well Fed?”

The most memorable line from this song for me has always been the line:  ‘How can you be so dead, when you’ve been so well fed?”  As I listened to this song again yesterday, I had two thoughts. The first was how utterly convicted I was about how I have been living my life! The second was that the church is no longer well fed. In Keith’s day, the pastor still preached God’s word. If you were part of a evangelical church, you were most likely very well-fed. How sad it is in our day, that believers are forced to attend churches that offer only cotton candy. We are starving of mal-nutrition!

 Here is a video of Keith Green passionately singing his song “Asleep In the Light.”  He was obviously fighting to hold back tears as he sang the song…


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  1. There are some encouraging things happening with some HUGE evangelical churches in my area of the globe, however. First, Willow Creek up in the Chicago area publically apologized for not feeding their people more and have initiated a discipleship program.
    And my church, although they had been preaching the Word already, followed suit and started discipleship classes and have been promoting small groups to start up and supporting those who do, and have joined with two other large churches in the area to fast and pray the first 3 weeks of each year, with extra worship, prayer meetings, etc, throughout.
    I do love this song, too. God bless, Gloris


  2. Thank you for this post.
    The tide is turning, albeit in a very slow way. Although I am not in America, here in the west we have very similar problems.
    Keith Green’s song has always had the power to convict, and the power to bring change peoples lives. It’s just a shame he died so young. Can you imagine the words he would be singing to the apathetic, lame christians today?
    Yes, we live in an age of grace, but have taken it to the extreme where anything goes.
    Discipleship is a dirty word, a bit like repentance – but like some foods, it is so important to our spiritual growth.
    Many christians are being fed milk and sugar – and not thriving as a result. They are long past the time when solids should have been introduced.
    Gloria, its great that your church has woken up and has introduced ‘Discipleship’ classes, although I am staggered that its just not preached from the pulpit anymore.
    We are so ‘seeker friendly’ and we are so ‘politically correct’ that we have forgotten our calling.
    Could it be that we are feeding the goats instead of the sheep?


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