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Keith Green: “How Can You Be So Dead, When You’ve Been So Well Fed?”

The most memorable line from this song for me has always been the line:  ‘How can you be so dead, when you’ve been so well fed?”  As I listened to this song again yesterday, I had two thoughts. The first was how utterly convicted I was about how I have been living my life! The second was that the church is no longer well fed. In Keith’s day, the pastor still preached God’s word. If you were part of a evangelical church, you were most likely very well-fed. How sad it is in our day, that believers are forced to attend churches that offer only cotton candy. We are starving of mal-nutrition!

 Here is a video of Keith Green passionately singing his song “Asleep In the Light.”  He was obviously fighting to hold back tears as he sang the song… Read the rest of this entry

Seeker-Sensitive Absurdities: “Come to our Church, We’ll Help Improve Your Sex Life!”

 A local church in my city recently ran this “Pure Sex” advertising campaign to attract the non-churched to come to their services.  They drove around the city with this banner on a trailer.  First, I thought it was an advertisement for a porn shop.  I was stopped dead in my tracks when I realized it was an advertisement to come to a church.

Does the seeker-sensitive model have no limits?  Now our message to the lost is “Come here and we’ll teach you how to have a better sex life?”  Is that the message God has entrusted us with?   Read the rest of this entry