Worship Leading Gone Wild: What Can Happen When Worship Becomes A Song…..

Sometimes the truth contained in satire can pierce like a sword. The scene this video portrays about worship leading gone bad is one of those times.   After I stopped laughing, I began to ache.  This is how things truly are in some circles.  In many churches that I have visited over the past 3 years, it seems that simply getting people to sing is the goal.  It doesn’t matter what we actually sing about, just as long as we sing.

May we love the Savior and His wounds more than the beat or melody of any song! To read more on this subject, check out our posts titled:Rethinking Contemporary Worship:  Can We “Bring Him More Than a Song?” , Does God Care How We Worship?, or take our poll Can You (Personally) Worship God Without A Band or A Song? or read Blasphemy! If You Want the Congregation to Worship More, Try Singing Less or this account of someone who abandoned Christianity How Contemporary Christian Music and the Seeker-Sensitive Movements Failed a Generation

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  1. Very interesting post! It does make you rethink the musical worship service….Thank you for sharing…


  2. Music has always been a part of worship. When we look at the Psalms, there are many that include mention of the harp, lyre, trumpet, etc. as well as singing. Of course, the Psalms themselves were sung, a hymnal of sorts.

    But as the video shows so well, music can certainly go awry, as can anything else that transcends from worship to entertainment. When we get down to basics, worship is not to be entertained or even informed. Those can be side benefits, but they are not the purpose.

    The purpose of worship is to … worship… to be in the presence of God (the Triune God) praising Him.

    Shalom, Art
    Alive in The Word


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