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If Your Church Eliminated Singing, Would You Find a New Church?

An Open Letter to the Worship Leaders in the Evangelical Church

Open Letter to Wroship LeadersDear Pastor,

It is obvious to most of us that you enjoy leading the congregational worship time.  You put a lot of effort into learning new songs, and rehearsing with the band.  The PA sounds really good with those new subwoofers, by the way.  The light show is dazzling, and the fog machine was a real nice touch.  Your guitar solo’s are really smoking too!   I want you to know that we do appreciate you and all you do for us.  Most of us pray for you on a regular basis.

On Sunday mornings, you are always excited to lead us.  It must be a bit of a shock to you that most of us are not as excited about singing as you are.  You probably can’t see us, because of the bright lights in your eyes, but I sit in the back row. I often look around to observe the congregation and usually most of us are not singing.  But it isn’t because we don’t like you or God, or because you can’t sing very good.  Far from it.  We do love God and you are a fantastic musician!  A couple of us were discussing this lack of singing yesterday, and we thought you might want to know why this happens.  Just in case you do, I would like to share our thoughts Read the rest of this entry

Worship: Is it a Life Well-Lived or a Chorus Well-Sung?

We love to discuss those things we are passionate about, don’t we?  Be it our favorite football team (THE Washington Redskins), politics, sports, movies, cultural issues.  Heck we even argue about beer!   Remember the Miller Lite commercials?  For years, Miller Lite drinkers, including the likes of Rodney Dangerfield and John Madden, bickered back and forth on our TV sets.  The argument?  What made Miller Lite such a great beer.   Some said the drink tasted great. Others said it was less filling.  Though they were very entertaining commercials, it makes one wonder:  Don’t we have anything better to discuss than beer?

Of course we do!  Over here at Not For Itching Ears, we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about a topic that is higher up the food chain:  Worshipping God.  If you read these posts (millions of people do each hour) Read the rest of this entry

Worship Leading Gone Wild: What Can Happen When Worship Becomes A Song…..

Sometimes the truth contained in satire can pierce like a sword. The scene this video portrays about worship leading gone bad is one of those times.   After I stopped laughing, I began to ache.  This is how things truly are in some circles.  In many churches that I have visited over the past 3 years, it seems that simply getting people to sing is the goal.  It doesn’t matter what we actually sing about, Read the rest of this entry