And Behold, A New Blog Was….Born

The other day, while shopping, my wife found the perfect t-shirt for me.  It said:

“Nobody Cares About Your Blog!”

Unfortunately it was the wrong size, plus it was pink!  However, I interpreted that to mean that what the world really needs is one more blog and that I should start it.

Not being one who takes my responsibility to serve mankind lightly, I have started, and now made public, a New blog called “Following Him Together”  It is a pastoral/devotional type of blog, that will focus more on the journey of the Christian life than on the problems of the evangelical church, which I have now solved.

Be one of the first 10,000 to subscribe to it and you could “Win a brand new car!”  Not really.  Visit it here:  Following Him Together.

About Jim

Not For Itching Ears is a blog dedicated to discussing the American Evangelical church. It is a place for people to share their thoughts on a host of issues relating to this subject. Jim is available to speak at weekend services, and retreats at no cost to churches in Florida. Contact us for more information.

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  1. haha, mail that shirt to me cos nobody actually cares about my blog…

    Will pop over and have a look. I like the direction!


  2. I found your blog while researching Orthodoxy and Sola Scriptura. It sounds like your journey is very similar to my own and my husband’s. In fact, based on the comments I’ve read from your posts, it sounds like the last hang-ups that you posted about are the ones that we have.

    We’re Protestants, but just barely. Raised Southern Baptists, turned reformed, conservative Presbyterians, turned disillusioned Presbyluthopians. We’ve visited basically every Protestant denomination only to find ourselves cornered by the Roman Catholic Church (which we were able to quickly rule out) and the Eastern Orthodox Church. So here we are, sitting in this uncomfortable place on what feels like the edge of a cliff, or the end of some sort of a road. We’ve been visiting for about 6 months and are actually at peace with where we are, despite the ongoing tension of wondering where we will turn out.

    Anyway, I couldn’t find an update on your own thoughts since a comment you posted back in May. What are your thoughts now on Sola Scriptura, praying to saints and having icons in the church?


    • Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts. It sounds like you and your husband have been on quite a journey! As for me, well, I am still in the same place!

      I don’t really have an issue with Sola Scriptura. I just now realize that very few people, actually read the scriptures and intrepret them through the lense of “Scripture Alone.” Most of us protestants simply interpret scripture through the lense of Luther or Calvin or Arminius, or some offshoot of those three. And, I might add, we do it without even knowing it. However, I do believe that scripture is the final authority on all things. How does one interpreted it correctly? I for one prefer listening to the Fathers. They were closer.

      Have you checked out the Anglican church?


      • That sounds about right. What we’ve come to think is that it’s not a matter of whether you believe in Scripture + tradition, but which tradition do you use to interpret Scripture?

        We visited an Anglican church once and it was the most unwelcoming place we’ve ever been to – with or without children, although they were especially unwelcome toward our children. So we never really researched the denomination in depth. It might be worth another look, since that’s the only Protestant rock we haven’t uncovered.

        Best wishes to you! Your honesty and willingness to entertain foreign ideas was so very refreshing. 🙂


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