Were You There? I Was

Question mark peopleI came across this sermon back in the early 90’s.  Each month, Preaching Today send me a tape of an exceptional sermon.  When I put this one in the old tape deck and started listening, I was immediately drawn into the story of Jesus on the way to the cross and Simon of Cyrene.  By the end of the message, I had been reduced to a weeping young pastor marveling at the scene of The Cross.
Not many people know about this moving sermon preached in 1944.   We are letting you all in on it.   I can’t think of a better audio to listen to on this Good Friday.   Hope you enjoy, from all of us over here at NotForItchingEars.com.

Were You There?

With emotional brush strokes of dramatic narrative, Dr. Marshall’s gripping account of Simon of Cyrene meeting Jesus on His way to the Crucifixion puts the listener at the very foot of the Cross. After experiencing this message, there is no longer any doubt about the answer to that famous question: We were all there. (Preached on March 9, 1944)

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  1. #1.} I’m hard of hearing. I have trouble hearing electronic voices. Could you send me a transcript of this, please?

    #2.} I remember when I was young, kneeling by my bed with my mom & asking Jesus to come in my heart & taking control of my life. I have MANY times “slipped” since then, & keep asking Jesus to forgive me. WHY do I still sin? Could I get affirmation that I’m going to Heaven, PLEASE?


    • Hi Steven,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I don’t have access to a transcript so I can’t help you with that. You can probably find one if you just google it.

      Regarding your second question: The reason all of us still sin is really not that deep of a theological question. Essentially, we sin because we choose to. Period. I suggest you sit down with your pastor and share your struggles. He will be able to give you much more valuable insight on the condition of your soul than anyone on the internet.


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