Inspiring Lives From Church History: Hesychius 300AD

The_Christian_Martyrs_Last_Prayer_by_leon_geromePeople have been living and dying for Christ for over 2000 years and history is full of wonderful examples of men and women who followed Christ faithfully. We can learn a lot from studying their lives. Yet, there is something truly compelling about those who suffer for Him and pay the ultimate price for their faith.

When I read the historical record of what some of these ancient brothers and sisters went through, it challenges me deeply. I often wonder how I would respond in such situations. I guess we won’t ever know unless and until we find ourselves in the same place. The one thing I can say with certainty is that these accounts inspire me to live for Christ.

Today, we will read about Hesychius.

Hesychius lived during the reign of king Maximian in 302. He was a magistrianus in the court of Maximian (which,  was a kind of intelligence officer).  Maximian gave an order that all Christians who were royal soldiers  were to be stripped of the signs of their office (a belt, in this case) and be forced into civilian life to live without honor.  Many believers,  including Hesychius, chose to live without this worldly glory that they might not lose the glory of the Kingdom.

When the king heard this, he ordered Hesychuis to be stripped of the expensive clothes,  and to be dressed in nothing but women’s clothing woven from hair.

When this had been carried out, the king asked him:

 “Aren’t you ashamed, Hesychius, that you lost the honour and office of magistrianus and that you have been debased to this kind of life? Or maybe you don’t know that the Christians, whose way of life you preferred, have no power to restore you to your previous great honour and office?”

To which the this saint replied:

“Your honour, o king, is temporary but the honour and glory which Christ gives is eternal and without end.”

Because of these words the king got angry and ordered his men to tie a great millstone around the saint’s neck and throw him in the middle of river Orontus, which lies in Syria.  Thus, the blessed man received the crown of martyrdom from the Lord.

Lord, may you strengthen our resolve so that we remain faithful to you no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in.  Amen!

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