They Devoted Themselves to What?

disbelief not for itching earsI’ve never heard of this translation before and I don’t think it is correct. It does seem to accurately reflect the direction of the church in the USA though. Here’s a quote of Acts 2:42-45 from the New Testament For Today’s Christianity.  Check the Greek and you decide.

“They unenthusiastically participated in scripture free talks and to the singing of songs, to the drinking of coffee and to contemporary music. Many were malnourished, wasting away spiritually, and there were very few wonders and signs performed by anyone. Few of the believers shared their lives together and seldom helped out anyone who was in need among them.” Acts 2:42-45 New Testament for Today’s Christianity (NTTC)


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  1. Just check most church websites today, all the smiling faces talking about how much they love. By the time you get through the activities, coffee cafes, and the promise that you won’t hear anything that will make you feel bad you wonder if its really s church. One I saw said we preach Jesus but we have fun too. As Charles Spurgeon so eloquently said ” the sheep are starving while the goats are being entertained” more true today than ever before.


    • That’s funny in a sick way! “We Preach Jesus and have fun too!, (not like the church down the street, who we are not in competition with, and other churches in our town. They just preach Jesus and are quite Bo-ring!)


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