Poll: Are You Attending Church More or Less These Days?

Why Christians are Leaving ChurchIn a recent post, we discussed a study that concluded Christians and non-Christians are both attending church services much less today.   If you missed that compelling post, you can read it here: Barna Study: Even Christians Are Leaving Our Churches.

Today we want to give you a chance to chime in on the topic, and we have two polls that allow you to do that.  The first one asks if you are attending church more or less these days.  There are several answers.  Please don’t answer the way you would like to be able to answer or how you think you should answer.  Just the way it really is in your life at this moment.

The second poll asks why you are attending church less.  You have several option here as well, even an “other” where you can write in your answer.  There is also an answer for “I am attending church MORE”  and “I am attending about the same”

Thank you for voting and please feel free to share these polls with your readers or re-blog this post.  If you look at the results so far, it seems to coincide with the study.  The more answers the better, so share away!

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  1. It’s probably because I’ve withheld certain information from him but I feel like my confessor is too moralistic. I mean, I was just recently baptized but I’ve still fallen into sin and he stated at my second confession that since I had fallen into the same sins since the last confession, I was missing the point of confession.

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    • Restless Pilgrim


      Now, he’s right in the sense that Confession is meant to guide us towards greater levels of holiness and help us overcome our habits of sin….buuuuuuuut I think I can safely say that you’re not the first person to go to Confession twice in a row with a similar set of things to confess.

      What is important is that you actually seek Confession, that you go with a contrite heart and that, by God’s grace, you resolve to overcome your patterns of sin.

      Fall down seven times, stand up eight – Japanese Proverb

      Or, if you want to get Scriptural about it…

      righteous man falls seven times, and rises again;
      but the wicked are overthrown by calamity. – Proverbs 24:16

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      • LOL. I’m not picky when it comes to great wisdom. Much of the wisdom of the ancients tends to point to the wisdom of Christ.

        It is probably because I am Anglican Catholic and the confessor, being trained in Anglican theology, is a little bit not caught up on sacramental theology (my first confession was three weeks after my baptism cause sometimes we have no priest and he made me confess all of my pre-baptismal sins too). I should probably read up more on the sacrament of confession myself…might be handy.

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        • Restless Pilgrim

          It is probably because I am Anglican Catholic…

          You’re part of the new ordinarate? Cool! I attended one of your liturgies last year – I approve! 😉

          ….he made me confess all of my pre-baptismal sins too

          Waaaaht?! Hmm…well, a general confession is a good thing to do (I’ve done one once), but yeah…I’m rather surprised he made you do that.

          I should probably read up more on the sacrament of confession myself…might be handy.

          In addition to the sections in the Catechism (#1422 onwards), I’d thoroughly recommend “Lord Have Mercy” by Scott Hahn.

          Since you’re a new Catholic, here’s a suggestion a priest once gave me:

          Priest: “David, what’s a Sacrament?”
          Me: “Something instituted by Christ, an outward sign of an inward grace”
          Priest: “Exactly, so make it more outward”
          Me: “What do you mean?”
          Priest: “Well, after you’ve been to confession, your sins have been forgiven, yes?”
          Me: “Yup”
          Priest: “So go out and celebrate! Go buy your favourite chocolate bar on the way home!”

          It’s genius. I know look forward to going to Confession 🙂

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        • Almost part of the new ordinariate. The Anglican Church in America nearly joined the Catholic Church. There are Anglican Catholics that haven’t quite subscribed to Catholicism yet. Some are more Orthodox affirming than others. Some have become Western Rite Orthodox. My church has not become part of the new ordinariate yet.


        • Restless Pilgrim

          My church has not become part of the new ordinariate yet

          C’mon! You get orthodoxy, the Pope, cookies, everything! In the words of Dwight Schrute, “Seal the deal. Let’s do this thing. Three, two, one. Five, four, three, two, one. Now! Now! Now! Say it! Do it! Now! Do it now! Do it! Shake my hand!”


        • haha. Maybe I will. But we are still Orthodox affirming Anglicans so we don’t want to consider ourselves the true church just yet.


  2. Tradition has its place,but some churches choose to be monuments and not a movement. People need things to happen in their lives that is realistic. They really want the truth. They really want to help through their church. They need outlets. People want the church to move to really helping people and not just be a meeting place.


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