It May Be A Legal Right, But it Seems Wrong, Doesn’t it?

Aborted Baby2“Give the priest your newborn child! He will place it into Molech’s hands as your offering. You are not allowed to weep as the infant is burned alive. Instead, rejoice as you seek his favor!”

I cannot imagine what that scene would be like. Watching somebody sacrifice their newborn child would be a totally new category for me. What feelings would be aroused as I stood there and witnessed a human infant being placed ALIVE into the white hot iron hands of Molech and then burned alive? Would I rush to the child’s defense? Would I try to talk his/her parents out of it? Would I accept the fact that they could do anything they wanted with their child and leave them be? Would I turn my eyes away or would I watch it unfold? Would I shrug my shoulders in indifference? What would you do?

Thankfully, this doesn’t occur in our day. But it was such a common practice in Old Testament times that the Hebrew Bible contains this warning:

“And you shall not let any of your descendants pass through the fire to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God: I am the LORD.” Leviticus 18:21 NKJV

The past two weeks have given us two shockingly graphic videos of what takes place during an abortion. You don’t have to be a woman to realize the horror of what actually occurs or to have an opinion about it. Developing human life forms are being crushed and severed while they are alive. Ultrasounds of actual abortions show that these life forms attempt to evade the instruments of death. They know it is coming and they can feel it when it gets there.

Their little hands, hearts, livers, legs, heads and other parts are being harvested for other uses. Now this may be legal and there may have been no laws broken in the transfer of these body parts. That is not the point. The point is that we have a much better picture of what is actually inside that womb and what is happening to it. Apparently, it is not just a blob of tissue, as the graphic photo in this post so clearly illustrates.

It is true, that  in our country, women have the legal right to invite someone into their womb to cut up and remove the life form that is growing inside. Just like those who lived in the ancient near east had the legal right to offer their children up to be burned alive.  However, societies change, and what was once accepted can become something that is rejected.

I don’t think abortion will ever become illegal but I am hopeful that it will become something that our society rejects. Videos like the ones we have seen and the ones that are coming may serve to help awaken our national conscience. They may help shape the attitudes of younger women so that even though abortion remains legal, fewer and fewer women will choose to go that route.

Would that be so horrible?

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  1. Jim: I totally agree with your view but I think you are mistaken in your statement in the beginning about “Thankfully this doesn’t occur in our day.” (child sacrifice.) IT IS happening TODAY in the Satanic worshipping communities. It is secret and it is hidden but it continues to happen. A child is lain on a table, “worship” is offered, and the child is murdered. Stabbed to death. Yes it happens today! With the increase of Satan worship in this country you can bet the “sacrifices” are continuing to grow, too. It’s horrible but it is happening.

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    • Hi Sue, you may or may not find people who agree with what you describe. However, no one can disagree that everyday body parts of small human life forms are being tossed into the trash, like the one photographed for this post.

      Heart wrenching!


      • I know and what is really sad is that I’ve read Facebook comments that do debunk that body parts are tossed. I don’t know what planet these people live on! We live in a really sick world and its only getting worse. Come Lord Jesus, come!

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  2. Lord. I might be inclined to become violent in the scenario you describe at the top of your article. What would Jesus do? We know what he did upon entering the temple where the money-changing was going on. I’ve felt for a long time that Christians need to “put their money where their mouth is” and make it cheaper and easier for good people to adopt. Also, open up our wallets ( probably in the form of taxes ) to do all we can to make the young mother choose adoption or anything other than abortion — free child care, steps to make it easier for them to complete their education, etc. Instead, conservatives typically push for lower taxes and vote for candidates who may seem to oppose abortion, but in reality couldn’t do anything about it if elected. ( many vote that way even though the anti-abortion candidate might seem like Attila the Hun on every other issue ).

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    • Me too. I look at that photo and the pieces of that human body severed and thrown into a box and I ask myself “How can anyone demonize somebody who thinks that is wrong?”


  3. The criticism – not ‘demonizing’ – is aimed at those who would use the legal system to impose what they assume are religious edicts on medical issues. Abortion – like so many gruesome procedures – is a medical issue.

    In addition, the biblical god has no problem with abortion and, in fact, encourages it when a woman is pregnant not by her husband.


    • Hi tildeb,

      I think it is fair to criticize those who would use the legal system to impose their religious views onto others. At the same time, I don’t think one needs to be religious to think that abortion should happen far less than it does.

      Women have the right to choose to abort their offspring, but perhaps less and less women will choose to do so. It is hard to look at a photo like the one in this post and not think that less abortion is better than more.


  4. “Abortion is a medical issue” Unless you believe the unborn is not just a fetus but a child. Then it could be viewed as murder and becomes more than a medical issue. “the biblical god has no problem with abortion and, in fact, encourages it when a woman is pregnant not by her husband.” I would like to read those verses if you can provide them.


    • Sure: the abortion ritual is given to us in Numbers 5:11-21.

      And human life as we define it in medical terms (which we must do to signify when death actually occurs*) doesn’t begin until full bilateral sychronization of the brain occurs (sustained brain activity). Without that attained state, we don’t have human life; we simply have biological functioning.

      *Human death is well defined in many ways, primarily by ‘brain death’ and ‘brainstem death’… the ceasing of this function that doesn’t begin until full bilateral synchronization that occurs somewhere around week 24. Without this, there is no possibility of human consciousness. Without such brain activity that, there is ‘human life’ to end. And as author John Zande likes to ask, “How can you ‘kill’ something that isn’t ‘alive’?


      • Hi Tildeb!

        “How can you kill something that isn’t alive?” I have heard that before and it always makes me scratch my head. Clearly, the developing human life form is alive in the womb. As we see can see in one of the latest PP videos, the aborted fetus still has a beating heart. If it is not human life yet, what kind of life is it at 19 weeks? Clearly it is not inanimate.

        If, as some believe, the fetus does not become a baby until brain activity starts around the 25th-26th week of pregnancy, then perhaps we could all agree that abortion after that time would be ending human life because the “how can you kill something that isn’t alive” would no longer apply.


      • Many feel that numbers 11:21 is not referring to abortion. Many also disagree with various findings/definitions of the medical community. These matters have been settled at the ballot box and by the Supreme Court ( Roe v Wade ), but obviously the debate goes on. I guess my feeling on abortion is similar to what it was on Gay marriage. I vote my conscience in the privacy of the ballot box, but realize God could intervene at any time.


        • Well, there’s certainly lots of infanticide stamped by the approval of the biblical god(s) and the ritual described is clearly meant to intentionally cause a miscarriage. If that’s not abortion by any other name, then one has to commit quite a bit of ‘nuanced’ and ‘sophisticated’ theological parsing of meaning (‘squinting’, so to speak) to get around that.

          And yes, many people do indeed disagree with various medical definitions but there is consensus between medical, ethical, and legal definitions used to establish ‘death’ of a human being. But note… even after ‘death’ we still have various and ongoing chemical processes in the cells. There is no point at which we can say either ‘life’ begins at this level and when it ends… we as people are the latest flocking manifestation of all kinds of cellular activity and processes that begins some 3.5 billion years ago and will continue long after our brain activity ceases. So the real question is about when human life with consciousness begins and ends and this we can clearly establish. These bookmarks are based human consciousness and this is the element used by the medical and legal professions. Disagreeing with them is fine… and just as useful and effective in practice as disagreeing with the government that you should pay any taxes.

          The only debate going on about abortion is caused by religious interference in the medical profession. Without question, from the medical perspective abortion is an essential component of women’s health care in the same way cardiovascular concerns are an essential component to heart health. My ‘opinion’ based on my religious views on, say, blood transfusions, really has neither any medical quality or merit when it comes to your cardiovascular health care and access to medical services to address these concerns.

          Although many well-meaning laypeople think their medical opinions matter (I include myself in this when it comes to me), the basis on what that opinion is formed also matters to the quality and merit of it. Informing and framing the abortion component of health care with MY religious views adds exactly zero medical quality and merit (although, again, I am free to incorporate my religious opinions over my health care) and does not in any way grant me any kind of knowledgeable basis to then influence YOUR access to and the use of best medical practices. To assume otherwise is not just hubris but active and pernicious interference in the public domain by religiously inspired faith-based belief. This is intolerable. And none of us go to a medical doctor seeking the faith-based prognosis of our generic neighbours nor think our generic neighbours should decide which services we should receive. But for me to go to a medical practitioner and receive YOUR religious opinions masquerading as ‘medicine’ empowered by state law is intentional perniciousness fueled only by misguided good intentions through religious interference.


  5. We aren’t going to agree on this. Since legalized abortion isn’t likely to change, I suggest to my Christian friends that we should vote for higher taxes to provide child care and other benefits to young mothers along with subsidizing adoption in an attempt to reduce the number of abortions.


    • The fastest and most effective way to reduce abortion rates is to empower women. That includes subsidized abortion services. It helps to support comprehensive sex education for children, easy and very cheap access to contraception without age constraints or family sanctions, open family planning services, and a good social safety net.

      It’s my experience that all of these are often vilified by the very people who try to remove abortion services and access to them in the name of being ‘pro-life’ (which we all are), who advocate very strongly against sex education, and support archaic lifestyles that disempower women.


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