400 Year Old Prayers 1

The following  prayers were first offered back in the 1700′s.  They come largely from the forgotten deposit of the Puritan Movement of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  These people knew God and they certainly knew how to pray.  We can learn a lot from them. They are written in old english.  I have updated  a few outdated words and changed the Thee’s and Thou’s to make it more 2011.  However, they still have the feel of that era.   They, along with many others, can be found in a book titled “The Valley of Vision”, by Arthur Bennett.

Sunday Morning Prayer

A Prayer for The New Year: “Guide Me This Year, Lord”

Pray This 400 Year Old Prayer: “Lord, Help Me Live a Life that Honors You!”

A 300 Year Old Christian Prayer: “Lord, Help Me Follow You”

A Christmas Prayer: Thank You for The Gift of All Gifts

A 400 year Old Prayer: True Love Was Defined Here – Thank You for The Cross!

A 300 year Old Prayer: “All I Want Is To Know and Serve You, Lord”

A 300 Year Old Prayer: “Help Me Follow The Savior!”

A 400 Year Old Prayer: “May I Honor You Today in All I Do”

A 300 year Old Prayer: “Father, Occupy the Throne of My Heart”

A 400 year Old Prayer: “Today, May I live a Life That Honors You!”


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