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  1. Please pray for me to get real job in my area pray for understanding in my marriage please pray


  2. Please Pray For My Friend BOB HEDGES. My Friend BOB HEDGES who suffered a stroke 10 days ago is at the SWEDISH RECOVERY CENTER ON 17th, and James in Seattle, Washington he is trying to recover from a Stroke.

    They want to pull the plug on him tomorrow, and Im praying for a HUGE MIRACLE A miracle for him. I just prayed from Luke Chapter 8. Jesus Heals in Response to Faith, I do believe in Jesus. If there’s any man who needs a miracle in America right now it’s Bob Hedges White Center, Wa he is on Facebook as well. Bob is a good man……..Thank You All who can take a few minutes to pray for Bob Hedges he
    is in room 279, and he needs immediate prayer Thank You, and Have a nice night.


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