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Teach Us How To…Live? an Early Church Fathers Take on The Lord’s Prayer

“Lord, teach us to pray…”

You would have reacted the same way, I suppose.  The disciples had seen Jesus do incredible miracles.  They also watched him pray a lot.  They put two and two together and surmised that Jesus’ power was a result of his prayer.  Now, every first century Jew knew how to pray.  But nobody could do the miracles that Jesus was doing.  The disciples wanted to know how to do that!

So they asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  That inquiry resulted in what we call “The Lord’s Prayer.”  A short lesson on how to pray that the church has held dear ever since.

But is it a lesson on how one should pray?

“Yes, but”, is how I think I would answer that.

Yes, Jesus taught the disciples how to pray here.  But if you look closer at what Jesus taught, I think He was actually Read the rest of this entry

A Wise Word of Encouragement from the Early Church to Today’s Generation

Saint Cyprian penned the following wise words in AD 256.   Brothers and sister, we would be do well to take them to heart.  They remind us that what God requires of us is not a deeper understanding of his ways, but a life that is lived following them.  It is easy to get the two confused.  Learning facts is one thing.  Living them out on a daily basis is something entirely different.  When we have more facts than fruit in our lives, our lives are out of balance. Of course, theology was important to the early church.  It just took a back seat to living the Christian life. Cyprians words reminded me that Read the rest of this entry