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George Barna: The Seeker-Sensitive Church Model: Dumbing Down Disciples


The Barna Group just came out with a new research report.  In it, they describe six mega-themes relating to the state of the church in America.  I want to discuss two of those themes here.   I believe they have a cause and effect relationship.   I also believe that the Seeker-Sensitive church model is directly responsible for the findings detailed in the Barna Report.

Barna says:  “Change usually happens slowly in the Church. But a review of the past year’s research… provides a time-lapse portrayal of how the religious environment in the U.S. is morphing into something new.”  Stop for a moment and think about what you just read:  Christianity in America is morphing into something new.”

Is the American church morphing into something better and more God honoring?  The findings in the Barna Report would argue in the negative.  Here’s two of them: Read the rest of this entry

Seeker-Sensitive Absurdities: “Come to our Church, We’ll Help Improve Your Sex Life!”

 A local church in my city recently ran this “Pure Sex” advertising campaign to attract the non-churched to come to their services.  They drove around the city with this banner on a trailer.  First, I thought it was an advertisement for a porn shop.  I was stopped dead in my tracks when I realized it was an advertisement to come to a church.

Does the seeker-sensitive model have no limits?  Now our message to the lost is “Come here and we’ll teach you how to have a better sex life?”  Is that the message God has entrusted us with?   Read the rest of this entry