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Iranian Pastor Faces Execution for Refusing to Recant Christian Faith

An Iranian pastor who has refused to renounce his Christian faith faces execution as early as Wednesday
after his sentence was upheld by an Iranian court.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who maintains he has never
been a Muslim as an adult, has Islamic ancestry and therefore must recant his
faith in Jesus Christ, the 11th branch of Iran’s Gilan Provincial Court ruled.
Iran’s Supreme Court had ordered the trial court to determine whether Nadarkhani had been a
Muslim prior to converting to Christianity.  Read

Jeremiah’s Message to Today’s Church Leadership

“If it feels good, do it!” 

 This has been one of the mottos of our culture since the 1960’s.  Now it seems that the American church has adopted a similar pragmatic motto:  “If it makes people feel good, we should use it.”  Today we see church leaders of every persuasion trying all kinds of new things.  If it works in drawing more people into services then it “works” and it must be good, right, and stamped with the very approval of God Himself.  But is it?

One of the things we should remind ourselves… Read the rest of this entry