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Idol Worship: How Your Church May Be Doing It and How To Fix It

American Idolatry_revised“If it feels good, do it!”

This has been one of our favorite slogans since the 1960’s.  It seems that the American church has adopted a similar pragmatic view for church: “If it makes people come to church, we should do it.” Today, church leaders of every persuasion are willing to try anything if it works in drawing more people into their services.  If it “works” then it must be fine and stamped with the  approval of God Himself.

I can hear you now saying “Of course this is true!  Why on earth wouldn’t it be?”

Because it wasn’t!

One of the things that is clear for any to examine is that… Read the rest of this entry

We’ve Come to Worship, but Will We Worship God or Ourselves?

Dan Lucarini’s, in his book Why I Left the Christian Contemporary Music Movement,  has some thought-provoking and counter-cultural takes on contemporary worship.  One that gets right to the heart of the issue is this one:

“When we try to feel an experience of affirmation from worship, we are not worshiping God.  We are worshiping our own egos.” (pp. 56-57)

In other words, when we come to “worship”, if our goal is to get some type of positive experience out of it for ourselves, we are not really coming for Him.  In essence, we are “worshipping” our own egos.  If our motivation in coming to worship is for what we will get out of it, then we are worshiping.  We are just worshipping ourselves, and not the Savior.

Whoa there fella, that is a huge statement.  Practically everyone I have ever served on a worship team with or led, Read the rest of this entry

Jeremiah’s Message to Today’s Church Leadership

“If it feels good, do it!” 

 This has been one of the mottos of our culture since the 1960’s.  Now it seems that the American church has adopted a similar pragmatic motto:  “If it makes people feel good, we should use it.”  Today we see church leaders of every persuasion trying all kinds of new things.  If it works in drawing more people into services then it “works” and it must be good, right, and stamped with the very approval of God Himself.  But is it?

One of the things we should remind ourselves… Read the rest of this entry