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Life Altering Public Service Announcement: Do This NOW! :)

Dwight Yoakam

So You Want To Change the World…. Start Here!

Life's biggest problems

RIP Tolerance: Our Parents Considered You Were Worth Dying for, but What the Hell Did They Know?


Are Your Facebook Posts becoming TOO political? I can help……


MTDGA: Making Thanksgiving Day GREAT Again! It will be SO Great!


The President and Guns….

Gun Sales Soar

Have You Heard about “Greer’s Law”?


Sometimes Our Biggest Problems are Staring us in the Face!

Life's biggest problems

Have A Great Christmas, Friends!

merry Christmas fron Notforitching ears

Can You See The Difference Between Contemporary Worship and Early Church Worship?

Contemporary worship vs Early Worship

Flow chart For Guitar Players

Flow chart For Guitar Players

We always knew it, now we have proof!