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A Compelling Alternative to Calvinism? You Decide!

“What shall a Christian do who is convinced of certain central tenets of Calvinism but not its corollaries?  Specifically, what if I am convinced that God elects individuals to salvation but I am also compelled by the evidence of Scripture to reject the notion that Christ died only for the elect?  What if I am also convinced that the Calvinist doctrine of irresistible grace – that God gives saving grace only to the elect while withholding it from others – has little or no biblical foundation?”

“Calvinism has at least three dilemmas:  (1) reconciling God’s sovereign election of individuals with His genuine desire for the salvation of all; (2) adhering to a deterministic view of sovereignty without blaming God for the fall of Adam; and (3) adhering to limited atonement and irresistible grace while also affirming that the gospel is genuinely offered to everyone.  There is an alternative to Calvinism – called Read the rest of this entry