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A Compelling Alternative to Calvinism? You Decide!

“What shall a Christian do who is convinced of certain central tenets of Calvinism but not its corollaries?  Specifically, what if I am convinced that God elects individuals to salvation but I am also compelled by the evidence of Scripture to reject the notion that Christ died only for the elect?  What if I am also convinced that the Calvinist doctrine of irresistible grace – that God gives saving grace only to the elect while withholding it from others – has little or no biblical foundation?”

“Calvinism has at least three dilemmas:  (1) reconciling God’s sovereign election of individuals with His genuine desire for the salvation of all; (2) adhering to a deterministic view of sovereignty without blaming God for the fall of Adam; and (3) adhering to limited atonement and irresistible grace while also affirming that the gospel is genuinely offered to everyone.  There is an alternative to Calvinism – called Read the rest of this entry

The God of Calvinism and A Calvinists translation of John 3:16-18?

I thought I might stir things up a bit today.  A friend wrote this story and titled it “The God of Calvinism.  He didn’t add the question mark, that was my addition.  Is this the God that true Calvinism depicts?  Read this story by Kurt Dahlin and share your thoughts. Read the rest of this entry