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Guitar and Bass Players: Recover Your Amp and Give it a True Custom Shop Feel

The vision for it came to me in my sleep.  You know how it is.  You have a problem you’ve been trying to solve, and the answer comes while you are lying in bed.  My problem was my little Laney LC15 15w tube amp.  I have been playing Laney tube amps exclusively for the past 10 years.  I LOVE them.  The LC15 was no exception.  I loved it’s tone, but the 10″ celestion speaker just didn’t do the amp justice.  I had been plugging it into my Bogner 12″ cube (which sounds like a 4×12) and the tone was awesome. Alas, it looked bad.  Any self-respecting guitarist knows we can’t have that.  “Just don’t use it live”,I told myself  The problem was that it was the perfect rig for wedding gigs where 15 watts of pure tube tone miked up and feeding the house PA was just what the doctor ordered.

Enter my vision:  Lose the speaker and make it a custom shop type head.  I woke up the next morning, Read the rest of this entry

A Bible Every Christian Should Own: The Orthodox Study Bible

The $5,000.00 worth of bible study and reference books on my library shelf gives my condition away to most people.  But since you can’t see them, let me state the problem:  I love Bible reference books!  Recently, I added a not-so-well-known study bible to my collection that I think every follower of Christ would benefit from having:  The Orthodox Study Bible.

Here’s Why I Like It:

The Study Notes are taken from the Church Fathers of the early church.

If your library is similar to mine, most of your books have The Reformation as a central reference point.  Believe it or not, there is 1500 years of church history prior to this.  Most of our study bibles and reference works do not take much of that history into account.  I find it incredibly enriching to read a passage of scripture and see how the Fathers understood the passage.  This book allows me to do that without going to another book.  That is great!  The Orthodox Study Bible accomplishes this by giving specific attention to the biblical interpretation of the fathers of the ancient and undivided Church, and to the consensus of the Seven ecumenical or Church-wide Councils of Christendom, held from the 4th to the 8th centuries.  This alone makes the book well worth the $30-40 you will spend on it.

The Notes and Commentary Emphasise the Major Themes of the Faith.

The Trinity, The Incarnation, the Church, and God’s call to His people to live righteous and holy lives in Christ.  It sticks to these key areas and what it does, it does well.

The Old Testament is based on the Septuagint.

This is the only Old Testament I own that is!  I am a big advocate of reading the Bible in different translations because of the clarity it brings.  I have been rewarded by the time I have spent reading out of this one.  I think you will be too.  It does have the books that the Protestant Church rejects.  I am actually glad it does.  The early church accepted them as scripture, The Catholic and Orthodox churches continue to accept them.  We reject them, primarily because Martin Luther decided to eliminate them.  I know the arguments for this, but I still think they are worth reading.  This is the only Bible I own that also has the Apocrypha in it.  The New Testament is the New King James.

It Includes Rich Devotional Material.

I don’t come from a liturgical background and so I am unfamiliar with many of its aspects.  Over the years, I have grown to appreciate it more.  This book includes the Orthodox Lectionary, morning and evening prayers and a host of devotional material.  Again, I have been enriched utilizing them

The Orthodox Study Bible is unique, there is no other Bible like this in existence.  It is historical, helping modern followers of Christ connect with our brothers and sisters of the ancient past.  On top of all this, the Bible is very, very well done.   For these and other reasons, this is a great book to add to your library. It is well worth the money. If you are hesitant, do what I did:  check it out from your local library for free.  I was sold from the moment I held it in my hand!