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Guitar and Bass Players: Recover Your Amp and Give it a True Custom Shop Feel

The vision for it came to me in my sleep.  You know how it is.  You have a problem you’ve been trying to solve, and the answer comes while you are lying in bed.  My problem was my little Laney LC15 15w tube amp.  I have been playing Laney tube amps exclusively for the past 10 years.  I LOVE them.  The LC15 was no exception.  I loved it’s tone, but the 10″ celestion speaker just didn’t do the amp justice.  I had been plugging it into my Bogner 12″ cube (which sounds like a 4×12) and the tone was awesome. Alas, it looked bad.  Any self-respecting guitarist knows we can’t have that.  “Just don’t use it live”,I told myself  The problem was that it was the perfect rig for wedding gigs where 15 watts of pure tube tone miked up and feeding the house PA was just what the doctor ordered.

Enter my vision:  Lose the speaker and make it a custom shop type head.  I woke up the next morning, Read the rest of this entry

My Authentic “On The Border” Salsa Recipe (Just like the Restaraunt)

On_the_Border_Recipe Not For Itching EarsThis is my authentic “On The Border” restaurant Salsa recipe.

Disclaimer:  (I did not break into official headquarters at night and “borrow” this recipe.  I did it in broad daylight, because that is how I roll!)  

It all started with Kolten, (thanks Kolten)  one of my sons friends.  While visiting our home one day, he made a great salsa.  I couldn’t believe  how easy it was to make!  I thought “with a little tinkering, this could taste like my favorite “On The Border” salsa recipe.”  (Of course my favorite salsa recipe is El Tarasco’s in Manhattan Beach, California.  Only the most blessed people on earth know what that tastes like!)

So the tinkering began.  After months of trial and error, the following recipe is what I think comes closest.  Everyone loves it.  Try it, but beware, you never make enough!

This post is a very large departure from our typical posts, but I thought I would share something from my kitchen instead of my library today.  Read the rest of this entry