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How To Make the Gospel More Attractive


Jesus Christ: Hell is A Real Place and Real People Will Go There.

A Bible Study on the Biblical topic of Hell based on Revelation chapter 14. This is an audio message given by Jim Greer (me). I thought I would post it since Rob Bell has come out so strongly against the concept in his “Love Wins” book. Like Rob Bell, I would prefer that Hell was not an option.  However, what you or I prefer doesn’t change how things are.  The most important question is not what I would like to be true.  Rather it is what does the Bible say about the topic? What did Jesus himself teach about Hell? Sadly, He taught that Hell is a real place and real people will go there.

The God of Calvinism and A Calvinists translation of John 3:16-18?

I thought I might stir things up a bit today.  A friend wrote this story and titled it “The God of Calvinism.  He didn’t add the question mark, that was my addition.  Is this the God that true Calvinism depicts?  Read this story by Kurt Dahlin and share your thoughts. Read the rest of this entry