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The Most Meaningful Christmas Gift Ever Given to Me

I received it 26 years ago. I know that because the inscription from my non-Christian sister who gave it to me is dated “Christmas 1985.” Though I have over 20 other bibles of various versions sitting in my study, this Bible is my most cherished friend. It has spoken into every area of my life, through every season of that life: being single, getting married, raising a family, pastoring, sermon preparation, tragedy and heartache; victories and failures. It was the Bible I read from at the high school graduation of both my kids.  Every morning it sits on my desk, waiting for me. Someday, when my days on earth wind to a close, it will be the Bible used at my funeral.

We’ve been through a lot together. I went to Bible College with it.  Professor Middlebrook’s notes from I Peter and I John are still Read the rest of this entry

What is The Most Important Part of Corporate Worship for YOU personally

Let’s face it, every church-goer has an opinion about this topic:  What they like the most about attending a corporate church service.  Over here at we are VERY interested in what you think.  It is part of our ongoing study of worship and Christianity.  We need your help here, so please take 45 seconds or less and answer the poll.

Now, about the poll:  We understand that we are asking you to make a choice that Read the rest of this entry

Get Your Free New Testament on Mp3! (Yes, Free!)

In my search for an audio copy of the New Testament, I stumbled across the “Faith Comes By Hearing” website. I was familiar with their ministry, having taken our church through their very edifying listening program a few years back. I was stunned to find out that they give away, completely free of charge, the Bible in Mp3 format. I downloaded the ESV version and I must say, I am completely thrilled. I just listened to 1 John while I was driving.

Here is a statement from their website, followed by a link to get your own free audio copy of the New Testament on Mp3:

“Faith Comes By Hearing is committed to reaching the nations with the Word of God in audio, offering the Bible in a format that will connect with the world’s 50% illiterate population. To accomplish this enormous task, the Lord has assembled a group of committed leaders and dedicated servants of His Word to develop into a reality the vision of bringing His church together and making disciples.
The word nation is the Greek word ethnos, which means “of the same language and people group,” not the political borders of a country. The worldwide Bible translation and distribution ministries have determined there are 6,809 ethnos, or nations, in the world, most of which cross many Read the rest of this entry