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A Quick and Easy Homemade Lemonade Recipe That Anyone Can Make!


It’s summer and it is starting to get hot.  If your family is like mine,  you’ll need something ice-cold in the refrigerator to quench everyone’s thirst.  This homemade lemonade hits the spot every single time.

Below you will find the ancient secret family recipe to make a gallon of delicious homemade lemonade.   We’ve made it quick and easy by using bottled lemon juice instead of fresh squeezed.  If you have the time and the desire to use fresh lemons, go ahead and substitute it out, but see our 2017 update below for a quick and easy alternative.   You can use less water if you want a stronger lemonade.  Tinker with it until it is exactly the way you like it.  As written below, we think its perfect!

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The Bottom 5: Our LEAST Read Posts from 2011

Yes, it is that time again.  The “Best of” posts are all coming out.  Tomorrow we will have our top 5 posts of the year.  Today, as an act of humility, we present our Bottom 5.  They are our least read posts of 2011.  Go ahead and read one.  They can’t be all bad!

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Jim’s Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe in Honor of Mother’s Day

I was never able to make this delicious recipe for my own mother. But I have made it for the mother of my children many times. She, and everyone else who has ever tried them, absolutely loves them. She pleaded with me to make them this weekend. So I am. 

In honor of Mothers Day, I am sharing this secret, highly sought after recipe with my readers. These twice baked potatoes are EASY to make and you can alter the recipe in many ways. It is almost impossible to mess these up.  They are a perfect addition to any meal.  Enjoy.   Let me know how they turn out!

Santiago The Gringo’s Famous Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe

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My Authentic “On The Border” Salsa Recipe (Just like the Restaraunt)

On_the_Border_Recipe Not For Itching EarsThis is my authentic “On The Border” restaurant Salsa recipe.

Disclaimer:  (I did not break into official headquarters at night and “borrow” this recipe.  I did it in broad daylight, because that is how I roll!)  

It all started with Kolten, (thanks Kolten)  one of my sons friends.  While visiting our home one day, he made a great salsa.  I couldn’t believe  how easy it was to make!  I thought “with a little tinkering, this could taste like my favorite “On The Border” salsa recipe.”  (Of course my favorite salsa recipe is El Tarasco’s in Manhattan Beach, California.  Only the most blessed people on earth know what that tastes like!)

So the tinkering began.  After months of trial and error, the following recipe is what I think comes closest.  Everyone loves it.  Try it, but beware, you never make enough!

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