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What is The Most Important Part of Corporate Worship for YOU personally

Let’s face it, every church-goer has an opinion about this topic:  What they like the most about attending a corporate church service.  Over here at we are VERY interested in what you think.  It is part of our ongoing study of worship and Christianity.  We need your help here, so please take 45 seconds or less and answer the poll.

Now, about the poll:  We understand that we are asking you to make a choice that Read the rest of this entry

Sunday Morning Funnies: If I wrote the 10 Commandments there Would Be Less of Them!

Are YOU a Heretic? Take the Quiz and find Out!

You may have been labeled a heretic in the past.  Now you can take the quiz and find out if you really are one!     Take the “Are You A Heretic Quiz.”

Sunday Morning Funnies: Can You Come up with A Great Caption for This Photo?

I drove by a church in my town today and saw this sign.  After rear-ending the guy in front of me, exchanging insurance information, and calling the tow truck, I had time to take the photo.  I tried and tried to come up with a caption for this one that was funny.  Here are a few examples:   “Pastor Steve Boldly Implements His New Church Growth Plan” or “Church Animal Outreach Produces Unwanted Offerings”  or “Could This Be the Next Great Awakening?”   In the end, I couldn’t come up with anything I liked.

So, we are asking our readers to give it their best shot.  Can you come up with a good caption/title for this photo?  Submit your best idea in the comment section below.

How To Make the Gospel More Attractive


Worship Leading Gone Wild: What Can Happen When Worship Becomes A Song…..

Sometimes the truth contained in satire can pierce like a sword. The scene this video portrays about worship leading gone bad is one of those times.   After I stopped laughing, I began to ache.  This is how things truly are in some circles.  In many churches that I have visited over the past 3 years, it seems that simply getting people to sing is the goal.  It doesn’t matter what we actually sing about, Read the rest of this entry

Saturday Morning Funnies: How Not to Introduce a New Song

Saturday Morning Funnies: A Child’s Take on the Problem of Good and Evil

Sometimes, You Just Need to add Ice and All Your Problems Vanish!

 A friend of mine posted this photo of his dog on facebook, and I immediately connected with it!  As it keeps getting hotter and hotter, this old boy seems to have the right answer!  Look closely, I think he is sleeping!


I haven’t had time to write lately as I have been moving my family across the country! It is a lot of work, and it is quite time consuming. I should be back wrinting in August.

Monday Evening Funnies: “Where Did Computers Come From?”

Saturday Morning Funnies: Peter’s Initial reaction to the Gospel of Luke

Sunday Morning Funnies: Something else All Men Inherited from Adam. Happy Father’s Day!

If history is any indicator, then a sinful nature is not the only thing we inherited from Adam as this comic depicts.

Saturday Morning Funnies: Where Did All The Pastors Go?

The old school pastor seems to be a dying breed, as this comic strip suggests.

Saturday Morning Funnies: The New Pastoral Job Description

One of the casualties of the seeker-sensitive church movement has been a re-defining of what it means to be a pastor. Here’s the new job description:

Happy Super Hero Day, Mom’s!